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About EducationPETAP
EducationPETAP (Partners in Education and Tuition Assistance Programs)

Our mission is to provide students within every community across North America, the best resources for academic programs.

EducationPETAP will also eventually be structured to generate millions of additional dollars of affordable lines of credit for tuition assistance to eligible applicants interested in pursuing their higher education dreams.

Covering both the financial and academic ends of the education spectrum, EducationPETAP offers its visitors helpful education resource links designed to assist and guide students with all of their educational requirements including academic counseling and career assessments to help with choosing the right school.

Eligible applicants for tuition assistance will include recent high school graduates, single parents, working adults and others with good credit and busy lifestyles who are ready to start enjoying the tremendous benefits of higher education through postsecondary education at colleges, universities, junior or community colleges, professional schools and technical institutes.

EducationPETAP allows students to choose from hundreds of accredited online and campus based colleges and universities across North America.

EducationPETAP's full spectrum of education and tuition assistance resources are designed to assist prospective and currently enrolled students with the opportunity to fulfill their education goals. EducationPETAP'sresource links include access to all of the basic information students need to begin and fine tune their education strategy. EducationPETAP can help students with finding the right school, academic/career assessment programs, links to accrediting organizations, and access to literally hundreds of online degree and campus based programs.

EducationPETAP invites you to join our family of Partners today! is more than just a Campus and Online School Directory. We are a national community focused education channel seeking partnerships with academic and retail institutions across North America. These partnerships provide education resources and in some cases tuition assistance lines of credit to qualified applicants.

Who Benefits From EducationPETAP?

Everyone involved benefits, however the the greatest benefit will go to students needing academic and financial resources such as help paying for school supplies, obtaining career assessments, finding the right school and other more comprehensive tuition assistance packages for their online and campus based education requirements.

One of the greatest uses of EducationPETAP may be for online schooling. More than three million people took at least one online course in 2006, and 20 percent of U.S. students are now learning online. The Partners in Education and Tuition Assistance Program provides an opportunity to take advantage of this emerging education portal, the virtual campus, while contributing to the good of the community.

The flexibility of studying online is a great draw, but the fees can still be out of reach for many people. EducationPETAP allows qualified applicants to receive tuition assistance at reduced interest rates.

Through EducationPETAP thousands of people who have the incentive, can instantly obtain the means to pursue a campus based college degree or vocational training. EducationPETAP students will improve their employment employment options, immediately benefit their employer, achieve a greater disposable income, and enjoy a brighter future!

There are many people in YOUR community who can benefit from EducationPETAP
Why EducationPETAP?

Federal Student Loan Programs are in trouble but the demand and need for Higher Education continues to increase, making EducationPETAP an excellent opportunity to at the very least help supplement the cost of education.

Pouring additional money into Federal programs is NOT necessarily the answer.

EducationPETAP can help to diffuse some of the turmoil above and at the same time promote our Corporate Lending Partners in return for their community involvement!

Please use our "Contact EducationPETAP" form or call us at 970-250-1439 if you are interested in learning more about Partners in Education and Tuition Assistance Programs.

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