5 Business Degree Programs That Produce Employed Graduates

June 4, 2013 ·

Although every college student dreams of graduation crossing the stage, selling back all the books, and no longer having to sit through lectures we also experience fear and tension as the day comes closer. After graduation, we have to get a job … and these days, that’s not a simple feat.


To an extent, employment depends on what degree you walk away with; and with the state of the economy, and companies closing left and right, some students might be a little wary of a degree in business.


However, the five business degree programs below have astronomical statistics when it comes to employment within three months of graduation. The first four boast 100% employment rates within three months, and the fifth program rings in at an impressive 97.7%.


1. Clarkson University


This upstate New York school features many programs for its MBA students. The school is keeping up with the times by offering a manufacturing and technology major. The program seeks to keep Clarkson students at the forefront of how things are made and produced today. As a bonus, the campus is close to scenic attractions such as the Adirondack Mountains, as well as a pleasant hour’s drive from Canada.


2. Oklahoma State University


As a Texan, I feel like a bit of a traitor for suggesting an Oklahoma school, given our fierce rivalry, but it’s an undeniable fact that this institution has an exceptional MBA program. And the program is unique because it can be completed at either campus (Tulsa or Stillwater) and it can also be completed in its entirety online. Come to think of it, I could even attend this Oklahoma school in Texas, if I dared.


3. University at Albany-SUNY


We head back to New York for the number 3 pick. This school is pretty unique: it offers some nice spcializations in its programs, but what is perhaps most interesting about the school is the fact that the enrollment is divided almost exactly 50% between male students and female students. Given the general underrepresentation of women in business, I found this a definite mark in its favor.


4. University of Tulsa


My Texan heartstrings are pulled by this, but I have to go with the facts. One hundred percent employment within three months is nothing to shake a stick at. And the University of Tulsa delivers. It also delivers a 90% rate of employment for graduates at the time of graduation. Nine out of ten graduates already have jobs lined up when they get handed their degree, and the single remaining student that doesn’t finds one within three months. That is pretty amazing, even by a Texan's standards. Maybe I’m not on the best side of the Red River after all.


5. Temple University


This school in Philadelphia takes exceptional pride in its International Business program. Given that so much business is conducted at the global level, for business students interested in that sector of commerce, Philly is a great place to go.


It’s also recommended that business students learn Mandarin Chinese to communicate with Chinese business leaders without having to rely on a translator. However, not every student will have a talent for language, especially one that is so linguistically different from the Latin-based languages.


However, Temple does offer MBAs for students who want to stick closer to home with their careers. In addition, students can take up to four years to “self-pace” their degree, or do an accelerated program that takes 20 to 24 months on average.


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