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Accounting and Finance Online An accounting and finance degree from an accredited online accounting school lays the foundation for a profession in the field of accounting and finance. No matter where you live, whether in Denver, Atlanta, Houston or any other place in North America, many schools offer on campus and online accounting degrees , such as:

• BA with Accounting Concentration
• BA with Finance Concentration
• Corporate Training
• Financial Analysis
• CPA Certified Public Accountant
• International Finance
• Taxation
• Intuit Quick Books

Selecting the right campus or online schools for accounting that offer an accredited Associate's, Bachelor’s, Master's or Doctorate's degree should depend on you the vocational objective. Although campus and online degree options are available, an online accounting degree gives the comfort, flexibility, and convenience to decide when, where, and how often to study. Secure an excellent education from an accredited school or college by obtaining an accounting degree from one of the campus or online schools or colleges found on this school site.


Accounting Technology Degree

When deciding to work toward an accounting technology degree, be sure to enroll in a college or university that offers an accredited, respectable program. Studying in the field of accounting technology will provide the skills necessary to develop technological skills to work with computerized accounting technology. Online courses empower education without needing a traditional classroom. Accounting technological degrees may include computerized managerial accounting, accounting information systems, and technical communication. An accredited online or campus accounting technology degree enables the graduate to implement extensive financial objectives, post transactions, keep records, and numerous other functions by using various technological computers and systems. Campus and online accounting technology schools offer students a wide selection of opportunities, combined with numerous career prospects available through online and campus business schools.

Bookkeeping Programs

Bookkeeping provides complete, up-to-date, and accurate business records, including taxes, income, and expenses, which shows the solvency of a business. Online or campus enrollment in a bookkeeping program prepares the graduate to understand and present proper financial records needed to maintain a business. Students will learn the principles of bookkeeping, various types of books and accounts, balancing of transactions, and other skills that will help to obtain an accredited degree in bookkeeping. Online and on campus courses in bookkeeping aid in the education and success needed to gain employment in professional bookkeeping.

Corporate Finance Degree

An online degree in Corporate Finance teaches how to outline, manage and evaluate the financial status of banks, businesses and other associations. Corporate finance teaches managing cash assets and investments, including drafting and implementing financial programs. Online and on campus degrees in corporate finance including an involvement in business administration will help to provide more opportunities for strong employment post-graduation. Corporate finance is the power and fame of the financial and accounting field because of its potential earning power.

Finance and Banking Degree

An education in Finance and Banking provides the instruction needed to succeed in a variety of employment options post-graduation. Finance and banking courses supply the education needed for a stimulating profession in financial planning, commercial or investment banking. Campus and online degree programs for finance and banking teach the information needed for lending, bank operations, accounting, management strategies and much more. If time constraints are an issue, accredited online schools recognize schedule demands without infringing upon employment or time.


The foremost way to guarantee that a degree in accounting and finance is recognized and accepted by a potential employer is to confirm, before enrollment, that the online or campus college or university is accredited. Accredited accounting and finance schools pass a series of strict testing and analysis to obtain accreditation with a nationally accepted agency. The US Department of Education authorizes the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) to accredit colleges and universities online. Accredited online schools of accounting and finance are a great choice for a distinctive education.


Choose a program in accounting and finance in the search box below or above to connect with all of the colleges and universities from which you wish to collect information regarding a school. Enroll in your preference and rest assured ready to start your career with an accredited campus or online accounting and finance education.
For a List of the BEST Schools That Fit Your Needs, Select a Program and Zip Now!

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Regarding Accreditation: In order to confirm a quality education, valid accreditation is necessary. Accrediting organizations approved by The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and The U.S. Department of Education (USDE) are able to fully accredit the schools, colleges, universities and online schools listed on Unless otherwise noted, to the best of our knowledge all schools, colleges, universities and online schools listed on carry full accreditation by one or more accrediting agencies. We do however always recommend that you verify the accreditation status prior to enrollment in a program.

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