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Natural Healing Online With natural healing becoming more popular, many people are choosing to train in alternative healing practices by making use of online learning. With an online school or college you can learn everything you need to know without sitting in a classroom, and it can be done at your own leisure.

Many natural healing programs offer accredited online learning for holistic healing, massage, reflexology, and homeopathy, at many different degree levels. Depending on your course of study you can train to become a massage therapist, nutritionist, counselor, reflexologist, and much more.


Holistic Online

Accredited online holistic programs teach students the importance of taking in natural elements of sunlight, and fresh air, as well as a proper diet, exercise, and rest. With an online education you will be able to obtain a certificate, associates, bachelors, masters, or doctorates degree. With a holistic degree you can find employment as a counselor, massage therapist, nutritionist, herbologist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, and more. With a bachelors or masters degree you will have the option of becoming a licensed therapist, teacher, life coach, healer, or mentor.

Homeopathy Online

Online schools that offer an education in homeopathy provide courses such as the history and philosophy of homeopathy, natural healing principles, diagnosing ailments and how to prepare and put homeopathic medicines to use. Curriculum for most online homeopathy schools consists of various types of homeopathic healing, such as classical and constitutional, as well as courses involving acute and chronic health issues, and preventing disease. Even those with no previous health care education will be able to obtain the necessary information to obtain an online homeopathy degree.

Massage Therapy Online

Online programs offer a variety of massage therapy skills and techniques to students who enroll with an accredited school or college. Courses for those enrolled in a massage therapy school include therapeutic touch methods, bodywork and massage, stress reduction, massage techniques, and how to alleviate pain and depression while boosting the immune system. Certified massage therapists will be able to find employment in clinics, spas, private practices, and even start their own business.

Medical Massage Online

Massage is used for relieving stress, discomfort of back pain, fatigue, tension, insomnia, and circulatory problems or muscle injuries. Medical massage helps to relax tissue and stimulates organ activity, which results in better physical health. Online medical massage schools and colleges offer courses in anatomy and physiology, massage techniques, CPR, and first aid, as well as many other necessary skills. With an online degree in medical massage you will learn complimentary medical practices that will provide you with the skills to work in hospitals, medical centers, gyms, spas, and more.

Reflexology Online

Online reflexology colleges and schools educate students in leg and foot anatomy, proper alignment exercises, the concept of meridians, and many other related areas of study. Many reflexology programs offer a certificate provided by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB). Those students who wish to exercise reflexology should find out whether a massage therapy license will be required by the state they wish to practice in. Coursework for reflexology students may include anatomy, physiology, business ethics, and much more.


With an accredited education from an online program your degree will be respected by future employers. Accredited online schools and colleges for natural healing are available to those who wish to advance their education to a new level, and there are a number of accrediting agencies available. Agencies like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) are approved to accredit educational programs.


Select a program of interest from the menu above to access accredited natural healing schools online. By requesting more information from online schools and colleges regarding your desired career in natural healing you can start the path to a new career today.

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For a List of the BEST Schools That Fit Your Needs, Select a Program and Zip Now!

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