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Business An education in business can be useful in a number of professions, including those that don’t require a business related degree. A business degree can benefit those looking for a career in just about any field, including law enforcement, real estate personnel, postal workers, and many other careers that deal with providing services to others.

Degrees from the associates to the doctorate’s level are available for those seeking a career in business, and courses in business technology, business administration, small business, as well as others are offered by accredited business programs. With an education in business you will have the opportunity to study topics like marketing, computers, communications, and economics, while learning to be a small business owner, manager, executive business administrator, or accountant.


Bilingual Business

An associates or bachelor's degree is available in bilingual business for those with little or no prior training in English. Accredited schools and colleges that offer an education in bilingual business can prepare you for a career working in foreign markets or global economy. Depending on your career goals courses may include cultural anthropology, communication skills, mathematics, business, marketing, international history, and of course languages.

Business Administration

There are a number of schools and colleges that offer an accredited degree in business administration. With an associates, bachelors, or masters degree you can prepare for a career in health care administration, resource management, insurance underwriting, administrative assisting, or auditing. Depending on your choice of career studies may include accounting, marketing, computers, financial management, and more. By attending an accredited program in the field of business you will be prepared for a degree that will allow a range of opportunities for employment.

Business Technology

There are a variety of accredited programs available for those looking to obtain a degree in business technology. With a degree in business technology you will have the opportunity to find employment as a computer operator, office manager, administrative assistant, file clerk, or other business professional. Coursework will depend on the type of degree you seek and may include marketing, communications, keyboarding, management, computer systems, and much more.


Entrepreneurship studies are for those who are looking to start and run their own business. With a degree from an accredited educational program you will be able to analyze business strategies, write business plans, secure funding, develop marketing strategies, and more. Curriculum depends on the strength of degree you choose to obtain, but many programs offer training in accounting and finance, leadership, small business management, marketing, business law, and product development.

Executive Business Administration

College degrees in executive business administration can provide the necessary skills to find employment in a management or supervisory position with numerous companies. Accredited schools and colleges may teach you business ethics, computers, financial management, political science, and more. With a degree in executive business administration you will be educated to carry out tasks related to marketing, accounting, economics, and business technology, to name a few.

Global Business

There are a variety of accredited educational programs that can provide you with the training to obtain a degree in global business. Global business schools and colleges provide students the knowledge to work in multicultural and multinational environments, in a variety of fields. Coursework may include cultural viewpoints, importing, exporting, business principles, and much more depending on the career you desire.

International Business

Programs for international business provide a variety of classes in order to prepare students for a career in the field of international business. Accredited degrees are available at a variety of levels such as associates, and bachelor's, and can be obtained in specific areas of study. Courses of study vary depending on the educational facility of attendance, but may include business policy, foreign operations, trade controls, marketing, economic issues, and much more.


A Master's of Business Administration (MBA) is meant to introduce degree seeking students to the many areas of business. Curriculum may consist of marketing, accounting, human resources, management, finance, and much more. Those seeking a business degree of this magnitude must hold a bachelor's degree prior to enrolling in an MBA program, and may be required to pass the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT).

Risk Management

Degrees in risk management provide students with the opportunity to learn how to decrease the loss of goods in businesses and other organizations. With an education in risk management you will be provided the training necessary for a career in sales, insurance, customer service, consulting, retail, and more. Schools and colleges offer courses in prevention and loss, liability, property insurance, risk theory, and other related subjects, for those seeking an associates, bachelor's, master's, or doctorates degree.

Six Sigma Technology

Six sigma technology students can learn various techniques for recognizing and eliminating defects in manufacturing and other industries. With a degree in six sigma technology you can train for a career as a quality control specialist, six sigma consultant, or other related profession. Total quality management (TQM) makes sure that an organization constantly meets or surpasses the customers requirements, and training in six sigma technology is just one of numerous courses provide by some schools and colleges.

Small Business

Accredited schools and colleges that provide an education in small business can prepare you for an exciting yet busy career running your own business. Educational programs for small business offer students courses that provide the skills to start and uphold their own business. Coursework may vary depending on the type of degree you desire and the program you attend, but may include accounting, communications, marketing, strategy, budgeting, payroll, and business ethics.


When looking into an education you should consider only accredited programs, and there are many accrediting agencies that offer full accreditation to schools and colleges. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) is one, but they award accreditation to only 25 percent of business education programs, so further research should be done.


Choose a program from the menu above to find out more information on obtaining a degree in business. Contact several of the programs that interest you and request more information regarding enrollment in their business program.

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For a List of the BEST Schools That Fit Your Needs, Select a Program and Zip Now!

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