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With online schools and colleges becoming more common, it is easy and convenient to earn a college degree or certificate without the hassle of a traditional education. can help you find numerous online educational programs pertaining to your individual career goals.

With an online education you will be able to learn at your own pace and convenience, from just about anywhere. Certificates and degrees from accredited online schools and colleges are as well respected as those from any other educational program. With online instruction not only will you be able to choose your desired career, but reach your personal educational goals as well.


Distance learning and online education is usually completed via the internet, but some educational programs may offer training through the mail. Enrollment, testing, education related purchases, and many other aspects of distance learning can also be done without having to travel. Online or distance learning can be done without jeopardizing current employment or other personal circumstances, and some degrees and certificates can be obtained 100% with distance learning. 


Online Certificate Programs:

Distant learning and online schools and colleges offer certificates for a wide range of professions. For those who would like to quickly obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for their desired profession, provides information on online certification courses. Technical Support, Physical Therapy, Information Technology and Management are just a few of the many available careers that offer professional certification through online or distance learning.

Online Associates, Bachelors, Master's and Doctorate Degree Programs:

There are numerous accredited online degree programs on that offer a number of career options no matter what your goals are. Although associates degrees usually take around two years to complete and bachelor’s degrees around four, with an online or distant learning program students are able to complete their degree at their own pace.

Many online schools, colleges, and universities also offer master's and doctorate degree programs to those who seek an even higher education. Online and distance learning provides students with the opportunity to study almost anywhere, anytime, and for as long or short of a time period as desired.


In addition to the online schools and colleges many campus based educational facilities offer online and distance learning as well. By exploring and requesting more information about your desired certificate or degree you will expand your education and career to a whole new level.

To view all available campus, online, degree and certificate programs visit our A-Z Degree &Certificate Programs Directory.

REGARDING ACCREDITATION: In order to confirm a quality education, valid accreditation is necessary. To the best of our knowledge lists schools, colleges, universities and online schools that carry full accreditation by one or more accrediting agency, unless otherwise noted. Be sure to confirm accreditation status by visiting

The U.S. Department of Education (USDE) or The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or both.


Please use our "Contact EducationPETAP" form or call us at 970-250-1439 if you are interested in learning more about Partners in Education and Tuition Assistance Programs.

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