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Appliance Repair        
Arts and Design        
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Dental Professional        
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Electronics Systems Technology        
Emergency Medical Technician        
Film and Photography        
Game Art and Design        
Hospitality Management        
Industrial Technology        
Medical Equipment Repair        
Medical Office Administration        
Medical Professional        
Nursing Assistant        
Office Professional        
Radiologic Technology        
Sound Technology        
Technical Support        
Technical Writing        
Travel and Tourism        
Web Design and Multimedia        
Wedding Planning        

Campus Based Vocational /Trade Schools prepare students with the training and instruction needed for careers in skilled occupations and professions. There are a number of accredited vocational and trade schools on that offer certifications and degrees in a variety of fields. Vocational training allows students to earn the certificate or degree they desire without the hassle of having to obtain general education credits.

Vocational and trade schools provide a focus on education that consists of a more hands on approach than other educational programs. With training from accredited vocational schools students are able to obtain the skills necessary for entering the workforce.


There are a variety of career fields that vocational and trade schools can offer students the opportunity to earn a degree or certificate in. Some of the most common vocational programs include automotive service technician, dental assistant, medical office administrator, appliance repair, and beauty. Many of the courses that are offered by vocational schools can be completed in less than one year, which makes vocational training a great way to receive your education.


Vocational and trade schools offer certificates and undergraduate degrees for careers such as barbers, office and business professionals, paralegals, software developers, realtors, interior designers, cosmetologists, administrative assistants, accountants, electronics engineers, and a whole lot more. Whether you choose to obtain a certificate or undergraduate degree the decision is up to you and whether or not the school you attend offers the education you desire.

Vocational Certificates:

Certification courses from vocational schools, trade schools, or community colleges can provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary for the specific trade, career, or profession you desire, without taking years off your future. Certification programs can last a couple of weeks to more than a year depending on the occupation you choose to pursue, and some programs may require an apprenticeship. Certifications provide proof of competency and are a valuable tool when applying for employment.

Vocational Degrees:

Undergraduate degrees such as an associate’s or even a bachelor’s degree are sometimes offered from vocational schools. Undergraduate degree programs allow the student to begin work in their chosen profession right after graduation. Community colleges as well as vocational schools may offer undergraduate degrees depending on the location and type of degree desired.

LOCATE ACCREDITED VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS can assist you in finding the best vocational school for you. By selecting the certificate or degree program that best fits your educational needs and requesting more information, you can begin the path to a new career today. Search other directories on for more educational options pertaining to your career of choice, to find certificate and degree programs that best fit your needs.

To view all available campus, online, degree and certificate programs visit our A-Z Degree &Certificate Programs Directory.

REGARDING ACCREDITATION: In order to confirm a quality education, valid accreditation is necessary. To the best of our knowledge lists schools, colleges, universities and online schools that carry full accreditation by one or more accrediting agency, unless otherwise noted. Be sure to confirm accreditation status by visiting 

The U.S. Department of Education (USDE) or The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), or both.

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